Raúl Muñoz – We Developed Concepts That Will Make Anaerobic Digestion More Cost-effective

Raúl Muñoz – We developed concepts that will make anaerobic digestion more cost-effective

Trends, breakthroughs and discoveries in biogas upgrading

Want to know all the recent trends, breakthroughs and discoveries in (biological and commercial) biogas upgrading? Then make sure you don’t miss the keynote of Raúl Muñoz at AD16 (25 June). Muñoz gives us a little preview.

Renewed attention
Biogas valorization has attracted a renewed attention in the past 5 years worldwide. The number of private investments in biomethane production has exponentially increased. Also booming is the amount of research projects in innovative biological technologies for biogas upgrading and valorization.

The ‘exploding’ market of biogas upgrading contributes to a more cost-competitive and sustainable biogas valorization. Professor Raúl Muñoz is in lead of the research group at Valladolid University (Spain) in the field of biogas upgrading and nutrient valorization using microalgae. On AD16 he will tell what we can expect in the future.

Environmentally friendly
“The performance of technologies in biogas upgrading is rapidly improving”, explains Muñoz. In particular he appoints membrane separation, that is gradually occupying the market. “However, the main innovations in the field of biogas upgrading came from the field of biotechnologies. Gas-to-power concepts and photosynthetic biogas upgrading have been optimized and are being upscale. In the coming years, biogas upgrading should become less energy intensive and more environmentally friendly. How can we do that?”

Updated state-of-the-art
At AD16 the Spanish professor provides an updated state-of-the-art of the technology market of biogas upgrading. He will also introduce some new concepts focused on the use of biogas as substrate for the bioproduction of high-added value products. The purpose of these concepts, developed at Valladolid University, is to make anaerobic digestion more cost-effective.

Interesting discussions
Muñoz calls it a great honor that ‘the most prestigious conference on anaerobic digestion worldwide’ invited him as keynote speaker. His keynote is interesting for students, young researchers, policy makers and researchers in the industrial sector. “The information in my keynote will entail interesting discussions during the conference in the topic of biogas valorization.”

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