Welcome To The AD16 Pre-conference: BMP Tests – A Key Tool For AD Research And Practice

Welcome to the AD16 pre-conference: BMP tests – a key tool for AD research and practice

Biomethane potential (BMP) tests are used to determine the ultimate methane yield of organic mass. As such, BMP is an important parameter in AD research and practice. Despite its central role, BMP assessment is still not sufficiently standardized to guarantee a repeatable BMP value from different laboratories. The protocol of a recently published guideline has been tested in two international inter-laboratory studies that included more than thirty-five laboratories from fourteen countries. This pre-conference event is organized to present the results of these inter-laboratory studies and discuss some new developments with regard to BMP tests.


Sunday June 23, 2019

Aula Conference Centre, Technical University of Delft, Room: college room D


International inter-laboratory studies for standardizing biomethane potential tests
C. Holliger, H. Fruteau de Laclos, S.D. Hafner, and K. Koch.

Sell your GC: Simple and accurate BMP measurement with a scale and syringe
S.D. Hafner, J. R. Mortensen, C.G. Justesen, R. Thorsen, J. M. Triolo, and S. Astals.

Identification of critical problems in BMP tests from the shape of methane production curves
K. Koch, S.D. Hafner, S. Weinrich, and S.Astals.

Roundtable discussion on BMP test standardization


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