“Be Surprised At AD16”

“Be surprised at AD16”

5 reasons why you should not miss AD16

Why can’t you miss AD16? Korneel Rabaey can answer that question better than anyone else. Rabaey works at the Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology at the University of Ghent and is one of the leaders of CAPTURE (www.capture-resources.be). He is chairman of AD16 together with Merle de Kreuk and is an experienced AD participant. Here are his five reasons you should come to the Netherlands and Belgium in June 2019.

1: Revolutionary applications

“There are many new applications of AD in the field. For example, the breakthrough anaerobic membrane bioreactor, the production of fatty acids, the recovery of nitrogen … AD16 is the platform where these new applications come into play. If you like anaerobic digestion, you just have to be there.”

2: Strong impact on ecology also for the natural environment

“AD16 is also impressive in the field of basic science. The insights gained from the reactor technology make us look at our natural environment with new eyes. For example, direct electron transfer to methanogens, the whole field of ‘electromicrobiology’ comes into play  with new techniques, and perhaps new possibilities to reverse the fermentation process.”

3: Everyone is there

“From the 23rd  to the 27th of June, everyone you would like to talk anaerobic digestion with, will be at AD16.  All of the prominent scientists within our field will be gathered in one place for a few days. I don’t think there is much else I need to add.”

4: Extra dimensions and context

“We are going to give the congress a new twist. Refreshing new topics, from circular economy and global fluxes to the interphase between art and anaerobia: it will all be there. Be surprised, I would say.”

5: Admire high-tech solutions in practice

“In the Netherlands and Belgium top technology is being used in practice. The latest business can be visited In the vicinity of the congress the latest developments can be visited. AD16 is the chance to see everything in action.”

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