Sponsor Item: Biothane Veolia

Sponsor item: Biothane Veolia

BIOTHANE – Leading anaerobic solutions…

Since the invention of UASB technology developed during the mid-seventies; the Biothane brand has matured to worlds’ leading brand in the field of industrial effluent –and biogas treatment. In time our portfolio has evolved in a mastery of differentiating anaerobic solutions. This is a result of our continuous drive to enlarge the field of application of anaerobic technology.

Biothane is part of Veolia; worlds’ leading company in the field of environmental services. This includes the day to day operation of industrial wastewater treatment plants including a wide range of anaerobic processes. Thereby Veolia is specialized in water treatment solutions and provides the complete range of services required to design, build, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial clients and public authorities.

Our end users benefit from our return of experiences in both the realization and our day to day operation of industrial effluent treatment plants. Needs of clients are considered from a holistic view. Most appropriate concept is provided following the bundling of our Veolia’s proprietary technologies.

Our latest innovation is Sparthane™. This latest process is designed to treat high concentrated wastewaters. High concentrations defined as fat (FOG), suspended solids (SS) and organic load (COD). The process results in a maximum biogas production, as the high calorific components are directly treated in the Sparthane process. No pre-treatment is required. The process ensures high removal efficiencies (> 95%) in a one stage process. The operation is kept most simple due to self-regulating controlling regime. The patented Sparthane control ensures a continuous quality control in the performance of the wastewater treatment plant.

The system comprises a low cost, one stage solution. It secures high conversion, maximum biogas production efficiency against lowest operational costs. The specific feature of the technology is the self-regulating control. This makes the concept most operation friendly.

In addition our process controls are connected through our digital services platform of AquavistaTM. It is a cloud-based portal and remote management tool. This provides proactive services which secure optimal process efficiency through real time control and service interactions required (as maintenance for example). Monitoring and continuous tracking of the process KPI’s supports the long term and safe operation. All data is shown in easy understandable dashboard.

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Website address: www.biothane.com

Email address: biothane@veolia.com

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