Sponsor Item: Paques

Sponsor item: Paques

Accelerating natural cycles
This year’s theme of the Anaerobic Digestion 16 conference, “accelerating natural cycles”, is a perfect reflection of what we do in both the academic world and the wastewater treatment industry. At Paques we do not invent new microbes. Instead, we create conditions that for example anaerobic conversions, sulphide oxidation and anaerobic ammonium oxidation are accelerated up to a thousand fold. This enables cost effective and efficient wastewater treatment and gas treatment. These accelerated natural processes take place in Paques’ BIOPAQ®, THIOPAQ® and ANAMMOX® reactors.

BIOPAQ®ICX is the latest innovation in anaerobic treatment, introduced by Paques. BIOPAQ®ICX, a new development in the BIOPAQ® product line, was designed by Paques in order to meet today’s customer’s requirements. It builds on proven BIOPAQ technology with > 30 years of operational experience.

Since the commercial introduction of the BIOPAQ®ICX in 2015, Paques has already installed > 70 reactors, proving that it meets the requirements of customers. The new BIOPAQ®ICX has helped customers improve their anaerobic treatment, with increased COD removal efficiency, more biogas production and biomass growth instead of biomass loss.

BIOPAQ®ICX combines the excellent properties of the BIOPAQ®IC reactor with a high flexibility with regard to tank design. The BIOPAQ®ICX is an excellent solution for your wastewater treatment system (new or existing) as it was developed to tackle frequent operational issues like high energy consumption, unstable performance, loss of biomass and accumulation of calcified biomass. The modular design of the BIOPAQ®ICX reactor enables the reuse of existing assets like tanks and peripheral equipment, ensuring savings on investment costs.

Leading in biological wastewater & gas treatment
Paques is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of development and construction of cost-effective purification systems for (waste)water and gases, based on innovative biotechnology. With over 2550 reference installations worldwide, Paques has helped companies and municipals to contribute to one of the major challenges of today: to reduce their water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources. The biogas produced by the wastewater treatment plant can be used as green energy in boilers or gas engines. Besides the headquarters in The Netherlands, Paques has subsidiaries and/or production locations in Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, United States of America, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. In many other countries, Paques is represented by licensed partners. This ensures local presence and the best service for clients worldwide. www.paques.nl | info@paques.nl |+31 (0)514 60 85 00

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